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The medical insurance landscape is rapidly changing.

As an experienced and knowledgeable agency, it is our job to make employee benefits simple.  We offer a full consultative approach to help guide our client partners to the best employee benefit solution possible.  We understand that the right mix of benefits is important as no two employees are the same.  With our innovative technology, we also understand the importance of ease of administration for the HR Administrator.

Health insurance benefits are one of the most important benefits an employer can

offer today. Properly designed plans assist in employee recruiting and retention

while creating immeasurable value in providing employee and family security.

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Part of the pace is driven by the increasing cost of medical
care. Another part of the pace is driven by the cost of healthcare
reform. Our job is to help you weigh options in plan
design that create employee value while managing your
cost-containment objectives.

Part of managing costs today means helping you understand
your regulatory requirements as healthcare reform is
implemented in the coming years. Legislation will continue
to change and evolve. Proper planning means looking
beyond this year’s deductible, coinsurance, and plan copayment
features. It means planning for the next few years of
anticipated changes in benefit design, consumerism, and
increasing regulation.