Short and Long Term Disability Plans protect your employees’ ability to earn an income in the event of a disabling accident or sickness.

When a disability strikes, statistics show that income falls while expenses tend to rise.

Additionally, speedy recoveries are not always possible. For example, 74% of males who are forty-five at the time of their long-term disability onset remain disabled two years later. A staggering 58% of those will still be disabled at the end of five years. There is no greater “living” need than protecting the ability to earn an income.

Short-Term Disability Plans are designed for income benefits to begin within the first thirty days of a disability. Under most plans, short-term benefits continue to be paid for the first 90 or 180 days of a disability. Group Long Term Disability Plans provide benefits that begin on the 91st or 180th day following the onset of a disability and provide benefits up to the normal retirement age of the individual as defined by Social Security.

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Maximize Choice

  • Taxation Matters!
    • Know your options:
  1. Voluntary Plans
  2. Employer Paid Plans
  3. Combo Plans

Communicate Value

  • On-site Education
  • Custom Enrollment Kits Employee Benefit Statements
  • Benefit Portals…and more

Extend Benefits

  • Needs Define!
  • Definitions of Disability Survivor Care Rehabilitation Return to Work
  • Workplace Modification Commission and bonus inclusion.

Control Costs

  • Participation Saves!
  • Education drives participation and employee appreciation.
  • Let us help you communicate your plan.

Leverage Savings

  • Design Counts!
  • Integrate existing benefit structures such as vacation days and sick days.
  • Benefit Onset
  • Benefit Duration