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We understand the importance of ease of administration of your employee benefits.  By partnering with The Cason Group, we are able to offer a paperless enrollment system to our clients.  Imagine hiring an employee and simply entering their information in the Beacon system.  An email is sent to your employee, and innovative technology takes over to educate your employees on their options and feeds the information directly to the carrier!  Streamlining the enrollment process, while providing choices to your employees is the ultimate goal of the Cason Group’s private exchange.   We understand that one medical, dental, or vision plan doesn’t fit every employee’s needs.

While enrolling, the employee gains insight on each of the benefits offered.  This is why there are hyperlinks to benefit summaries and side by side benefit comparisons offered during the enrollment process.  Our team will also provide multiple laptops and onsite enrollment for benefits at each renewal.  Face to face enrollment is extremely effective as we are able to make recommendations on the various benefit needs for the employee.